Helpful Information

Annual dues are $118.00 payable the first Tuesday in October. Meals are $7.00 per meal, payable the first Tuesday of each month. You will be charged for all weeks of the month, even if you miss the meeting. A mere “check-in” does not relieve you from paying for the meal.

Regular attendance is All-important in Kiwanis. Everyone is on a Committee and everyone is a working Kiwanian.

Make-Up Meetings:
When it is impossible for you to attend a meeting in Hillsdale, you can keep up your attendance by attending a meeting of another club within the calendar month or 6-days beyond. Or you may attend the regular Board of Directors meeting, the fourth Monday of each month at 6:30pm at United Methodist Church in Hillsdale.

Service Leadership Credit:
When you attend the regular meeting of a K-Kids, Builder’s Club, Key Club or Aktion club that is sponsored by your own Kiwanis Club, credit for attending any such meeting shall be limited to not more than one a month. You will be given credit for attendance ONLY. You will still be charged for your meal.

Regarding Guests:
All invited guests will not be charged for their meals. If the guest is a prospective member the club is responsible for their meal for two (2) visits. Members MUST tell the secreatry of the invitation no later than the preceeding Friday.

Regarding Programs:
The member responsible for the program shall know that the individual who is speaking, performing, or demonstrating, etc. is a guest of the club, and the club does not expect any reimbursement. (This could include a spouse.)

Policy regarding guests and programs was adopted as the Board of Directors meeting August 22, 2016.

Family Days:
Members are encouraged to bring any family member on the fifth Tuesday of any month in which there are five Tuesdays. Children and grandchildren are especially encouraged.