The Hillsdale Kiwanis Club hosted it’s first Soup and Pie Fundraiser on February 19. Thank you to all who helped and those who supported this very successful event!


The Hillsdale Kiwanis book club under the direction of Jackie Wickham held their first book club. “Intergenerational Engagement” by Dillon Knight Kalhurst. This book talks about the five generations in the work force. A great book to give a club ideas for communication and new membership ideas. This book has already given our book club members ideas to change the way they are communicating with the different generations.
Dillon Kalhurst was at the 2018 International Convention. He will have sessions at the 2019 International Conversation in Orlando.
Pictured from left to right are members Gail Robillard, Janet Lee, Lisa Roberts, Mary Wolfe and Ed Wolfe. Top row, Jackie Wickham, Beth Caswell, Susan French, Doug French and Betty Griffiths.


The Hillsdale K-Kids at Gier Elementary School, under the direction of Mrs. Brianna Crall, recently held a “K-Kids Hero’s Breakfast”, for area police, fire and emergency personnel.


Dictionary Project—Kiwanis members presenting local students with dictionaries and thesauri.  


Cheese Project—Kiwanis members and volunteers helping with the annual cheese project


Installation of 2018-19 Officers 


2018 Max Drake Golf Outing

Kiwanis Trailer Ready For Action!